How to use a handkerchief

The handkerchief is a longstanding symbol of masculinity and dignity. This single piece of woven fabric carries with it innumerable uses. However, modern society has largely ignored this once common accessory and has left a gaping hole in the purposefulness of our clothing. It makes sense then that most people do not know how to use a handkerchief nor understand what a well-made hankie is good for. To help spread the word, we’ve listed a few practical ways you can use a handkerchief and why you should consider carrying one.

To Wipe Sweat off Your Brow

Hardworking men and women can use a hankie to clean their skin and stay dry during hot summer days.

As a Shield Against Dust

Folding fabric in a pattern and tying it around your face as a bandanna gives you protection from dust and dirt kicked up by the wind.

To Tie a Tourniquet

In an emergency, it pays to have a hankie. Tie the cloth around a wound to reduce blood loss and potentially save your life or that of someone you love.

As a Vessel

Whether you need to carry food, kindling, or beer a bandanna can be used as a vessel to transport delicate items.

To Stay Clean

Traditionally, handkerchiefs are used to blow the nose and remove grime from the face and neck. Today we use them for much more, but this simple purpose is reason enough to carry your own.

As a Mask

Popularized by bank robbers in the late 1800’s to protect their identities, this method of usage is a great way to dress up on halloween or to you know, hide your face.

As a Rope

Depending on the size of your hankie, you may only get 10-18 inches of rope, but you never know when you will need an extra few inches of reach.

Now that you know how to use a handkerchief, it’s time you got your own. A word to the wise, make sure yours is crafted from high quality fabric if you want it to last. Happy hunting!