We stand to create unique handkerchiefs that straddle the line of function and fashion. To put something out there that did not exist before. Not something to fill a hole, but something that was crafted and well thought out. Like life itself, something that evolves, and becomes better with time. We strive to create the worlds most invested handkerchief. Invested with time, and thought. Invested in blood and breath. Being the weird kids who tended to think about things in their entirety, we became observant and curious. Curious about origins, and how thing are made. We bring relentless curiosity to the drawing board each time we put a handkerchief collection together.


In a world of abundance we grew to appreciate scarcity. We want to purchase something that not everyone in the world could buy with the click of a button. Our handkerchiefs are created with very limited runs. We search high and low for the most unique, high-quality, fabric from around the world. When we sell out, its gone. Typically we will not produce more that 100 units of any one handkerchief because the fabrics we choose aren’t meant to supply large chain retailers. This ensures that there are only a handful of people on Earth who possess the same handkerchief that you do.  

We know how good it feels to travel and much of our inspiration is derived from our expeditions while sourcing and locating our fabrics for the handkerchiefs we create. To the ends of the earth we travel…… Happiest when traveling.