Co-Founder: Michael Dinh

It seems that the desire to create is really strong in certain generations. Whether it be in industrial solutions to common problems, abstract expressionism in a time of impressionism, or well made goods in a time of cheap imports. In a disposable world, man and nostalgia become great friends. We look for heirlooms and mementos that represent us, that represent the times; we seek out to not only consume, but to preserve. Augustus Rag took a cue from generations before us- we seek to create for our generation, and pass on that torch.



Co-Founder: Jarod Hartwig



Director: Robby King

I came to Augustus Rag because I wanted to have the opportunity to work with a brand from the ground up. The product, the ideals, but mainly the people were what brought me to work with Augustus Rag. The diversity of the product really interests me as well. A simple handkerchief, a basic piece of fabric can take on so many different shapes and forms to serve nearly any situation.